1. Spring cleaning means a little temporary practice space 🌷


  2. A more playful approach to plank knee-to-nose for an #abs focused warm up 👍 #yogaeverywhere #useyourcity (at East River Park)


  3. Rocking my @sweatybetty sticky socks ✨ during a little #stopdropandyoga fun tagged by @peglipu 😄 #armbalance #yoga #nightflow



  5. Who needs a gym when it’s warm outside 😁 #useyourcity (at Lower East Side)


  6. I love the change in weather and the sunnn 🌞 (at Lower East Side)


  7. It’s always a good day when samples are involved 😊 thanks @lulitonix now I need to try all the flavors. #beveragefreak #delicious #eatclean


  8. This was a great choice. Chocolate chai chia pudding!
    *2 cups vanilla almond milk
    *4 chai tea bags
    *1.5 cups chia seeds
    *scoop of #VegaOne energizing smoothie power in Choc-a-lot
    *touch of agave and topped w walnuts

    Boil almond milk with the teabags, pour into bowl and add chia, powder and agave. Cool in fridge overnight and top w walnuts! (at da kitchen)


  9. Mmm 😋 (at Chinatown)


  10. Need to take the train today? WELL YOU CAN’T #snowday #mta #nyc #fail